The Migrant Of Impermanence

by glenn weyant

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The Migrant Of Impermanence is acoustic documentation and realization of an original score for Amplified American Border Wall, Mexican Soil and Viola performed on 2/10/17 in the Sasabe, Arizona USA / Sasabe, Sonora Mexico borderlands as part of the Performance For Surveillance series.

In the First Passage the work begins with a simple sounding.

A sounding in the nautical sense involves lowering a weight tied to a string to determine the depth of water.

The desert sounding employed in The Migrant Of Impermanence involves swinging a live microphone through the Border Wall onto Mexican soil and then pulling it back into the United States, gradually developing a series of terra-specific sound loops to ascertain the international depth and tone of the borderlands.

In the Second Passage the Amplified Border Wall is introduced.

The Border Wall is amplified with a microphone of original design which picks up the acoustics of the wall when percussed with found objects, bowed with a bass bow and manipulated in various ways.

Feedback tonalities in this passage are emphasized as methods of adding vibrations to the wall's physicality as well as the surrounding acoustic environment.

In the Third Passage a viola tuned to the Border Wall's harmonics when amplified is introduced.

In the Fourth Passage the previous passages are revisited in various combinations until the work is completed and the natural sonorous environment of the Sonoran Desert returns.


released February 11, 2017



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