Shipping and return policies for glenn weyant

Shipping Info
All discs ship in roughly two weeks. However how long it takes for the post to deliver it is out of my hands. However, all discs shipped will include tracking which should help figure out where things went wrong if they should do so. Hopefully not. But you never know so it helps knowing. No?
Return Policy
Everything is returnable for damage reasons. However, because this is such a small label and ultimately this is a screaming good deal with the narrowist of profit margins, you will be required to cover the costs for return shipping. That said, in most likelihood should there be an issue, we'll do everything in our power and beyond to make it right. And most likely that will require simply shipping a new disc or some other fix like for which there will not be an expenditure on your end. Or perhaps some other arrangement will be worked out to your satisfaction. But all that said caveat emptor. This is all homegrown organic sound and vision. It might get a be scruffy around the edges. Ink will be spilled. Noise will flow. Line will be drawn. So understand what you are dealing with. These ARE NOT mass produced items, but hand-crafted original works and some imperfections should be expected. It is all part of the beauty.