59 DEATHS / Tanking The Border Wall

by glenn weyant

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On July 17, 2016 the United States Border Wall in Sasabe, Arizona was struck 59 times --- one time to honor the life of every man, woman and child who died because of border militarization in Southern Arizona since the first of the year.
This performance was the premiere of Until There Are No More Deaths --- an original percussion score written for border walls wherever they exist.
In October, the original recording of the border wall performance was released into The TANK an acoustical marvel and a sonic wonder of the world, with a swirling, shifting reverberation longer and richer than the Taj Mahal’s. This once-abandoned 65′ tall, 40′ wide steel water tank from the age of steam engines is now The TANK Center for Sonic Arts in Rangely, Colorado — a unique destination for artists, sonic explorers, and curious visitors to learn how to listen in a whole new way.
Equipment used for the retanking of the border wall was a pair of KRK Rokit 8 studio monitors, a pair of Josephson sub-cardioids microphones in XY arrangement 8' up, and a pair of Rode NT5 Omnis hung high in the Tank at aprox 20' and 40'. Preamplification and mix via Sound Devices 442, recorded to Denon DN-700R.
This Bandcamp download includes the original recording, the retanking and a mix of the retanked recording and the dry signal to create a bit more presence.
The download also includes a PDF of the Until There Are No More Deaths score and a video of the July performance.
There is no charge for this download.
However, if this work resonates kindly consider donating to a borderland humanitarian organization of your choosing.
Since the July performance of Until There Are No More Deaths the bodies of an additional 61 migrants had been found in the Arizona desert, bringing the total number of deaths to 120 so far this year.







released October 14, 2016



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